TrimPal-Dry Trim Machine

TrimPal Dry Trimmer has become the leader in dry trimming. Every machine is built with quality, in the USA proudly. Best nice tight non damaged trim to your liking also amazing for all Buds, Hops, Flowers.

Trimpal 4 Unit Photo

Trimpal 1 unit

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“The trim pal is the only machine that I would ever use. Trims dry instead of wet. Don’t knock it ’till you try it!”

Trichome magnification after TrimPal trimmed.

magnification after TrimPal trimmed.

 Use your machine to process to 60% and the rest hand trimmed or  100% and you will be more than amazed because the unit is gentle on buds because no blades..

Mendo Purps Upclose

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TrimPal-Dry Trim Machine

TrimPal-Dry Trim Machine being loaded

Full Barrell Trimpal

Dry Trimmer for Medical TrimPal Bud Cannabis Marijuana TumblingProduct quality is medicinal dispensary grade.

Pulling action Trim Pal

Perfect pulling action depictionTrim Pal Finished

Finished TrimPal Trimmer Zoom
Not beat up and pulled nicely in crevices


The user friendly system allows a one man operation to quickly get your product done first. Throughput 3-4 lbs an hour.

The TrimPal will significantly reduce the cost and time involved in manicuring your product.

The precision laser cut design accompanied with the most reliable names in parts, and powder coated by certified techs, provide a high quality, durable and dependable machine.

The 5 minute interval timer allows for setting your time frame in trimming and determining your preference.

The machine does not chop, or cut but does more of a pulling action.

Our customers have seen a return twice fold after one season of purchasing the Trimpal. Their product is done first, scissor quality trimming, and no more risks involved.

TrimPal is now in use in medical facilities in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Arizona,New Mexico,Michigan, Maine, United Kingdom, Spain, Uruguay, Canada,

  • Built to Last.
  • Long life steel basket
  • Dayton motor
  • Simple long lasting timer
  • Warranty
  • Pulling Action
  • Valuable Sweet Leaf
  • Best taste smell and product

Free shipping in USA. Pulling action, rather than cutting or chopping.

*Refunds after 72 hours require restocking

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*Refunds after 72 hours require restocking fee of $1500