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The Ultimate Dry Trimming Machine

Are you ready to spend more time farming again?

Made in the USA


TrimPal machines are proudly built in Grass Valley, California.

Easy to Operate


Operating the TrimPal is a breeze for one person, just load and set the timer.

No Blades


The Proprietary pulling action allows for minimal friction and damage to the biomass being processed.

The Trimpal dry trimmer is the first of many dry trim machines that has waved the market because of price and quality and output quantity.  Trimming bud has never been so easy.  Dry, breakdown, load, set and dump. Your product comes out tight and clean cut, leaving nodes in tact and uniqueness of each flower.  The 15 minute timer allows for the perfect batch time. Oiling is not needed after build up occurs allowing for better waste.  Trimpal is proudly made in Grass Valley, CA.

Want to see the TrimPal in action?

The TrimPal is the best dry trimmer on the market because it doesn’t have any blades.  Instead it utilizes a rotating basket and stationary saddle that produces hundreds of pulling motions that quickly and gently manicure large quantities in minutes. Dry trimming will not affect aroma and overall quality of finished product and reduces processing times and costs. The TrimPal produces the best taste, smell, and product with guaranteed amazing results.

Available in two models, a 2-lb.(11″ basket) and 4-lb. (22″ basket), which process 2-3 pounds/4-6 pounds of product per hour respectively. Both models are equipped with an Overheat Kill Switch and minimal maintenance is required with cleaning recommended after the season or every 250lbs. The TrimPal is capable of matching hand trim quality and can be used for outdoor or indoor grown product. We have sold thousands in our first two years as a result of providing high quality, durable and dependable machines at great prices that utilize slow turning and pulling to produce an excellent final product. TrimPal is the best match for all of your dry trimming needs.

Manufactured in Grass Valley, CA, with the most reliable names in parts, the TrimPal machine is built to last and designed to allow fast manicuring without damage. Featuring a precision laser cut design, long life steel basket, Dayton Motor, and a simple long lasting timer.