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Trimpal Started the dry trim machine technology

Trimpal started the dry trim machine craze .

Trimpal started the dry trim machine craze . We created a dry trim machine with no blades and an engineered sized basket to create the perfect tumble and adjustable saddle to create a pulling motion. Our goal was to create a trim machine to help the farmer create a efficient environment and better value added waste products. The company has grown today to be the leader of dry trimmers and the most known dry trimmer today. We pride ourselves in our quality, customer service and price. As the market has seen our success numerous amounts of knock offs have hit the market These dry trimmer knock offs either have issues with motors, require frequent cleaning, do not stand behind there products and have saddle issues. From our family to yours we urge you to let us show you why we are the best. If you are not happy we will happily refund you! (See terms) Look forward to meeting your dry trim machine needs! Regards, TrimPal Family Distributed by

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