Reviews from TrimPal users

I now only employ 1 or 2 people as the trim machine I use kills it! Trimpal dry trim machine, YouTube it. it’s the truth!

THC Farmer

I am quite happy with my TrimPal.

Ben - Contra Costa, CA

Took 20 minutes to process 4 units of Diesel strain. We are a hand trim collective, but we gave TrimPal a chance. We bought on the spot!

Garfield County, Colorado

It was everything you said, more than I expected. I bought two.

Ryan - CO

We compared my wet trimmed to hand trimmed to dry trimmed, I was sold in 5 minutes, such a close trim like green diamonds. This is what the dispensaries want, no smeared trichomes.

Once we learned the machine, its been a wonder. Saved us so much time, we like to call it a puller not a trimmer.

David - Tucson Arizona

This unit is (in one word) AWESOME! It made a 5 week job into a 2 day job, and no more of having lots of people onsite, as 3 people took care of everything, and it was done better and cleaner than hand trimming.


I am very happy with the machine and so am my friends.

Ed - Michigan

Used the Trimpal on some fluffy outs yesterday.. It did a great job.. Ill most likely be getting another one in October. Thank You!

Matt - CA

Where was this thing 15 years ago? I just imagine all the time I could of saved myself.

Tom, Gold Country, CA

I drove 6 hours to try the TrimPal from Inland Empire, CA. I am happy with the quality of the product output and the machine.

Harvey - Inland Empire CA

Thanks, we are done within 4 days, it took 2.5 months before TrimPal!

Ed - Mokelumne Hill, CA

Truly an outstanding company and product. Not only does the unit work as advertised but my representative delivered the product and made multiple visits to ensure that we fully understood and could confidently use the trimmer. They then followed up by phone. In my experience, companies that operate like this are now rare. Highly Recommend!


I bought two small units, works great for our multi-strain grow. We gave up the wet machine for this.

Tim - Boulder, CO

A real game changer, I was skeptical, but now a believer, have to see it to believe it.

Mike - Boulder, CO

I used the TrimPal and it is seriously the best trimmer on the market.

Justin, Western Colorado

We have ran our machine 6 hours a day for 5 months, and cleaned it once. Great machine, we will be buying two more in our expansion.

Dispensary in Denver, CO

I ran my product over a wet trimmer first, and finished with TrimPal, my wife was so happy, and so was I, next season we are buying a TrimPal.

Rick - Trinity County

We finished our whole outdoor grow trimming in 1 week, no more random people at our house. The product is dispensary grade.

Amos - Butte County

We were thinking the machine would grind up trichomes. Sure didn’t, why hand trim again?

Lance - Northern California

I like the machine it manicures the bud wonderful, and saves so much money, very well built too.

Jeff - CO

I ordered a machine online, I used it personally, then sold it through my hydro store. The customers love it and so do we.

Rod - Phoenix Arizona

I have never seen anything like TrimPal. Truly Amazing quality!

Daniel, Sacramento

We saw the TrimPal in a demo, we were quite happy after being reluctant about dry trimming, we were sold and we are now selling our wet trimmer.

Dispensary in Denver, CO

I bought two TrimPal machines, 1 for me 1 for my dad.

Sean & Sean - Grass Valley, CA

Thank you so much for the use of the TrimPal! One week with your product saved me 3 months of trimming. Now I’m going on vacation.

Mike, Bay Area CA

The machine really does a pulling action, the sweetleaf product is bomb for concentrates.

Nate - Denver, Colorado

My customers in UK have been waiting fora dry trimmer for years, we now have trimpal as a option.

George - United Kingdom